Monday, May 30, 2011


I must preface this blog by telling you that U2 is my favorite band.  Ever.  Other "favorite" bands come and go, but every time I hear Bono's lucious voice I can't help but start belting out the song right along with him.  I think the love started during drives with my mom, then as motivation during long swim and track meets, and now Zach is a total enabler of my U2 craze.  So, last June when we found out that U2 was coming to Salt Lake City in May we bought tickets first and asked questions later.  It was pricey, but it was worth it.  So was the eight hour drive there and back from Boulder and working the weekend to make up for missing two days in the middle of the week. 
The structure of the concert left me in awe.  The spidery looking thing was higher than the stadium with a 360 screen going around the whole thing.  Lights were everywhere, including the biggest disco ball I have ever seen on top.

The age of the average concert attendee there was probably about 37, and that's because U2 has been really good for a really long time.  I'm all for older fans, but they sure did give us strange looks when we started whooping and hollering and jumping up and down during the songs.  We did it anyway.

Please forgive our amateur camera skills.  And if you think that Bono's voice is a little "off", it's probably because the camera is picking up the nice man singing loud and proud next to us.  There was one 40-something year-old that was willing to share his musical talent.

The 360 screen was amazing.  It was made of hundreds of LED screens and would expand and contract and light up like crazy.  I was inspired.
In conclusion, this was pretty much the best concert ever.  Bono has definitely still got it.

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