Monday, May 23, 2011


The best part about living with hippies is the huge diversity of food that goes along with them.  Our new favorite Saturday activity is the Boulder weekly Farmers Market where we never fail to overspend our $10 budget.   Our first purchase (aside from a $2.50 tomatoe- so not worth it) was a huge bag of "completely organic" salad.  So organic in fact, that when Zach washed our first bunch he pulled out a very unique leaf.  Luckily a quick internet search confirmed that morning glory is not poisonous.

Zach: Yes, most of the leaves in the salads we eat I have no idea what they are.  It could easily be lawn clippings of whatever strange plants these people pass on their way to the market.  But we eat them anyway.

We're posting this next picture to make you jealous.  And to give you incentive to visit.  Who can resist authentic hippie lamb gyros?  And potstickers?  And tamales? And German pastries?

In a few weeks we'll be doing the "Boulder Experience" which entails going full out vegan for a week, stepping it back to vegetarian, and then pigging out on ribs.  If anyone has any good vegan recipes please pass them on.  I'm at a loss on how to cook without milk or cheese!

Zach: Who would win between all the vegans in the world and the carnivorous humans?  I would side on the meat eaters, mostly because I think vegans are sissies.  But then again, I don't know many vegans.


  1. You guys always make me laugh :) It was great to see you wednesday! Good luck with the vegan diet (I suppose it will make you appreciate the ribs even more...but it sounds awful.) Here is a vegan recipes that I've tried and liked:

  2. SO funny, I love you both! And I can completely relate and understand all your comments about your new surroundings and the hippie lifestyle. After all, you know where I live :). Good luck you two, and keep the hilarious posts coming!