Sunday, May 8, 2011


Clarissa is taking a break from the blog, giving me, Zach, a chance to post.  Mind you, this is not something I'm used to doing.  As I told Clarissa, a blog should be functional.  People only read blogs if they are functional, have groundbreaking news, scandal, or if there are cute child photos laying around the site.  We don't really have any of that, or at least none to share (granted, cute photos of our child laying around would constitute one of the other reasons for reading a blog, two for one type thing), so I gave this blog post an exciting name.  Enjoy.

So Clarissa and I ran down to the City of Sin this last week to stay with her awesome cousin, Anthon and his marvelous wife Melissa. We completed the 6 hour drive down there to find it has seriously cleaned up of alot of the junk and low class promotions that are typically all over the bill-boards on the way into the city (the strip was not as clean-swept, there were some huge billboards hawking David Blaine in front of the MGM...).  The first thing Anthon had us do once we arrived is take the grand tour of the strip's main casino/hotels, and check out the Bellagio fountains.  Considering this was the first time that either Clarissa or I had been to Las Vegas in over 5 years, I decided to lay on the love.  Happy early Mother's Day, Clarissa!

In our epic fight against Sin City, we armed ourselves with a trip to the Las Vegas temple the next morning before hitting up the strip again.  Tragically, we just missed Marie Osmond getting married later that day.  Near brush with celebrity ruined.

To give you some idea of the photos that come next, I have to let you know something about the Judkins.  We vacation/travel with our stomachs.  Unless we ate it, we weren't really there.  So, now we can continue onto picture #3. 

This is our breakfast/lunch at a little place off the strip called "Hash House a Go Go".  And yes, your eyes do not deceive you.  Following a recommendation from the show "Man vs Food", this plate you see here is 4 waffles, with BACON FRIED INTO THE WAFFLES, two huge breaded chicken breasts topped with fried green onions and teriyaki sauce.  It was good.  The pancake there is a coconut mango pancake, also so delicious it could easily be legal only in certain parts of Vegas.

After this, we decided that the only thing you should do after eating a massive meal like that is to go do the rides on top of the Stratosphere (sorry, we don't have any pictures of us on the rides, but we went on them, honest).  Even though I was glad we stopped spinning super fast over the edge of the building before I lost some coconut mango over the better part of Vegas, I would highly recommend the stratosphere as a vacation stop for those going to Vegas, especially the big shot ride (it was super fun).

Next, continuing on the vein of "we vacation with our bellies", we made our way all the way through the strip until we got to M&M world LV, and World of Coca-Cola.  At the World of Coca-Cola, we tried 16 coke products from around the world.  Almost all of them were super good, but can you guess which weren't?  Man, those Italians...

We finished the day off with some of the best sushi in the world, at Henderson's "I Love Sushi" (this has the distinction of having some of the most unique sushi names in the business, examples including "Shouldn't Have Kissed My Ex" and the "Screaming _ _ _ _..."  you can look it up if you want, but I'm leaving it blank for the kids; good sushi though.). 

Finally we headed back to the strip to have desert at Max Brenners.  (Clarissa could probably do an entire blog about this alone, she is a chocolate lover)

Well, we're in Colorado now, but that will have to be another blog.  In the end, the Judkins survived Sin City; and may I say, conquered.


  1. HAHA! Loved the post! you guys do such fun things! AND that was an AMAZING dipper kiss! i don't think justin and i have EVER done one of those--i thought it only happened in the movies...very cool. :) I loved the food! you make me want to go there just to eat! and i HATE las vegas. Anyway, hope everything is going good! we love you guys!

  2. Zach, the post is a win, good job :). I see that both of you write marvelously well (and in an extremely entertaining fashion!), a perfect pair. Love you both!