Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Picassos We

Have you ever seen one of those modern, abstract art looking things and thought to yourself, "I'm pretty sure I could do that.  In fact, I think my 2 year-old niece could do that."

Yeah, that's what we thought.  Until we actually tried to do it on a double date with my old roommate and Zach's cousin (yes, I openly admit that I'm trying to get Kristin into the family even if it means shamelessly setting her up on blind dates with unsuspecting but willing relatives) and produce our own abstractness artistically.

As you can see from our Bizarre Tree of Life  and Fingerpainting Toddler, it's a little harder than it looks.  Based off the results we decided we needed to express our creativity using other outlets.

Zach: Guess whose is whose.  Hint: I can't do straight lines. or curved lines.

Zach's creativity was a little more forced because I had to manage a "construction project" for class. This meant that while I could draw the plans and supervise, I could not actually touch the model.  This also meant that I needed slave labor, or at least someone who would work for back rubs.  Enter Zach.

My professor gave him (I mean me) full points for the model, but told me to tell Zach that he probably shouldn't be switching majors any time soon.

As for me, my creativity was expressed via strategically stabbing a squash.

Happy Halloween!


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