Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lessons learned from Thanksgiving break

Lesson #1:  The McRib really is back. We decided it didn't QUITE live up to all the hype, but it was delicious enough not to make it all the way home.

Lesson #2: Although we fail at making a decent curry, you really can make your own sushi.  We are so very proud of ourselves.

Tempura Master
Bamboo placemat Rolling Mistress

Lesson #3: If you're assigned to make roles for two dozen people for Thanksgiving dinner, you really should think out your baking schedule so you don't have to fit 52 rolls into your fridge at one time.

Lesson #4: You really can graduate from the kid's table.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived.

The kids table.  Sans ME.

The very adult table.  Somehow not as glamorous as I'd always imagined.
Zach: Notice I am not at the adult table... I imagine it is glamorous...

 Lesson #5: It doesn't matter if the Turkeybowl consists of my cousins and uncles playing in our 50 foot front yard, Zach will STILL talk animatedly about the depth of talent in his 3 man team for at least half an hour. 

Zach, QB Extraordinaire
 Lesson #6: Sleeping in every day lets your body know that it's time for hibernation.  In addition to still demanding extra sleep, my astute body has even wisely started packing on at least five pounds to keep me warm and comfortable this winter.

Zach: Zombie lesson #7: Machetes don't need reloading.  Happy Holidays!


  1. Ha ha I just read this and I LOVE that you just graduated from the kids table. You're hilarious and I laughed out loud. Love, Rachey Ditto

  2. i love all of this blog! 2 comments:
    1. McRib = barf in my mouth every time i see one. but i still like the post and the picture.
    2. Machete = agreeably one of the most effective zombie slaying tools (second only to a cricket bat, as shown in Shaun of the Dead)