Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Devious Plot

Zach and I have adorable nieces and nephews.  Like really cute.  So, in an effort to steal them away while they are still in their tender years, we are slowly addicting them to caffeinated, sweet drinks.  We are thereby attempting to make them associate us with a delightful, sugary surge of sensation.

Zach: I  couldn't figure out why he was sucking so intently
on the bottle until I realized there was a small, but well-utilized leak.
 If we do this long enough hopefully they'll choose to come live with us.  In the meantime, they fulfill the first major purpose of a blog: cute baby pictures.


  1. I love your blog! Very cute pictures. And very devious plan, here. :)

  2. Haaaahawaa!! LOVE IT!! You guys are so funny.:)
    Ps. No devious plot required! I'll just send him home with you and bets are, cute as he may be, you'd be returning him the next day.;)