Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Before there were soccer moms...

... there were Jiu Jitsu wives.

Zach has a new hobby, and he is GOOD at it.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a form of grappling that involves mostly wrestling with the intent to gain submissions by either cutting off the opponents air or straining their limbs until they "tap" out.  If you discount all the weird flailing and grunting, it's quite the gentleman's sport.

With his background in wrestling, Zach is an excellent Jiu Jitsuer.  His first tournament was a few weeks ago, and although I've been forbidden to say he was "giddy with excitement" and didn't sleep well the night before, I will tell you that I've never seen that boy so hyped up.

Unfortunately the memory card with all our pictures from the matches got corrupted, but here's a general idea of what goes on:

Zach would like to add the disclaimer that he beat this guy previously, and was
not always belly up.
They usually both end up pretty sweaty and exhausted by the end, but only Zach ended up as the victor.  My man won all his matches and became division champion.

To show how in tune these guys are with their competitors, they award 1st place
with a wooden katana instead of a medal.  Legit.
He has asked that we now all address him as "JJC", "JJChamp", or straight up "Jiu Jitsu Champion".

All hail.


  1. Awesome! Let us know when the next match is because we would love to come watch Zachary kick someone's bottom! :) (of course not literally, that would be really weird.)

  2. That's so cool! I'm glad that your camera didn't corrupt all of the pictures you at least got the picture of him victorious at the end. :)