Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marriage, a study of quirks

 We are at that age in life when there's always some friend or relation getting married, and we are often asked for advice, or what the weirdest part about being married is.  So, in honor of our Two Year Anniversary this week, we are spilling it all!
I now present you with...

Zach's Top 5 Weirdest Quirks

#5: Zach does not appreciate having his food mixed while cooking.  When making spaghetti, I am not allowed to use the same spatula to stir the sauce as to stir the noodles, even if we're going to mix it together before eating it anyway.  Apparently, while not necessarily harmful, it is "unprofessional"

#4: When we were first married, I tried to make Zach's lunch every morning like a good little wife.  A few weeks after school started, Zach got up the courage to tell me that while he appreciated me making his lunch, I was doing it "wrong".  There was simply not enough peanut butter on the sandwiches.  So I added more, then more again, and STILL more.  This boy loves his peanut butter to an insane degree.

#3: I am often accused of "hiding" things that Zach left out.  He's very good at keeping track of what section of the floor he put his shoes, pants, shirts etc on for use later on.  It must slightly creep him out to find that they've magically made their way to the closet. 

#2: We keep a laundry basket handy in our room at all times, but for some reason it's easier for Zach to drop his dirty clothes on the floor as opposed to the basket that's a foot away, even though the distance from hand to landing is shorter.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Exhibit A:
#1: The strangest quirk that I have discovered so far is the Empty Container Quirk.  Zach will use up something (a box of cereal, a gallon of milk) down to the last few crumbs or drops and then place it BACK into the refrigerator or the pantry supposing that it will magically refill itself.  Wha...?

These funny little quirks make me (and apparently everyone else) love my man to pieces.  Thanks for the best two years babes!

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