Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm out of excuses

Now that Eli is over 13 weeks-old I can no longer be considered as “recovering” from child birth.  His schedule is pretty consistent, and I have free time.  My gym pass doesn’t expire until July, we bought a jogging stroller, and we traded in our speedy race bikes in for a more family friendly bike ensemble complete with kiddy trailer.  There is absolutely nothing to keep me from exercising except myself, and  I’m completely out of excuses.

 Thus it begins.  We’re counteracting my strong tendency towards laziness with an even stronger tendency: competition.  In addition to signing up for a half marathon (in Zach’s case a FULL marathon) in September we have challenged our good friends the Cowarts to a “Healthy Lifestyle Competition” (in other words, who could out-survive the other in the zombie apocalypse).  Zach being the genius trainer and nutritionist that he is, has developed a point system for our rivalry below.

10 min running: 1 pt
15 min Yoga, sports, biking: 1 pt
Weight lifting session: 1 pt
20 min walking or hiking: 1 pt
One week of no sugary treats or soda: 15 pts
5 servings of fruit & veggies a day: 2 pts
1 lb weight loss: 15 pts

Every month the losers will contribute to buying a book or movie for the winner's library and at the end of the summer the losers pay for the campsite.  But let's be real.  It's all about the bragging rights.

Here's to losing those double chins.


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  1. That is such a neat idea! We wish you good luck and hope that you win some movies and books for your library- you are amazing!