Saturday, May 18, 2013

Seriously, SO BLESSED

Our babe is now legit.  Socially initiated.  He has been blessed.

In most Christian faiths babies are baptized soon after birth, but because we Mormons wait until children are at least eight years-old to be baptized we have a sort of naming blessing for them in Sacrament Meeting to introduce them into the records of the church.  One thing we miss out on: godparents.  

Zach:  I'll be honest, the only thing I know about godparents is that I think Rafiki was one and that they can be guilted into free babysitting.

Rafiki about to beat up some hyenas Not necessarily a godparental duty
  I love the idea of godparents.  To have someone other than the parents chosen to take an interest in the child's spiritual upbringing and personal development seems like a marvelous idea because, as I’m already learning, we parents need all the help we can get.  We chose my cousin Anthon and his beautiful German wife Melissa (you thought we weren’t serious, didn’t you guys?) as Eli’s godparents.  In addition to being spectacular people, they can offer Eli serious culture that Zach and I (both born and raised in Provo) might be lacking.

Coincidentally, it was Melissa who took these amazing pictures at Eli’s blessing.

The mini man of the hour
Newly minted padres
The Judkins grandparents
The Magleby grandparents

Eli with cousin Oliver.  They'll be more thrilled about each other later.
I love this picture.  I love that baby.
Apparently we are allowed one more Godparent, so applications are still open.   The prerequisites, as seen, include being pretty awesome and able to take cute pictures of Eli so we can gush about him in our blog.  Oh, and free babysitting.


  1. You are so cute and clever! (So are you Zachary). And those pictures are sooooooooo cute! She rightfully should be a godparent. Love you guys!

  2. Awww... thank you so much, Rissa! We feel very honored to be Eli's godparents. Always let us know if there is anything we can do for you...AND keep us updated with his developments. Wish we were living closer to see Eli more often- he's probably already grown like weed since his blessing.