Saturday, May 11, 2013

Progress has been made

The majority of the time we are in the steady, predictable, mostly event-less churn of life, but this last month has marked a few definable points of accomplishment:

Zach is DONE
He is officially finished with his didactic learning.  (And yes, I did look that word up privately after I pretended I knew what it meant when Zach used it on me.)  Now all that's left is a year of six week rotations left before he's a full-fledged pharmacist.  I am so relieved to be done with tests and projects and agonizing over grades that aren't even mine.

Our marriage turned THREE
I think we can both agree that this last year of wedded bliss has been the most eventful so far.  My graduation, becoming pregnant, moving to Salt Lake, my first real job, new car, first time making edible curry (albeit STRONG curry), a trip to California, having a baby, and Zach finishing his classes made for a thrilling time.

We decided to celebrate by blowing all our rewards points on Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and we have since come to the conclusion that it was totally worth it as long as you never look at the bill.  But in all seriousness, the quality of the food was out of this world AND they gave us free desert.

I would not wish the first six weeks of motherhood on anyone.  I don't understand when people say they wish their babies would stop growing or that they were that small again.  They have obviously forgotten the nitty-gritty of newborns.  Yes, your baby is cute (when he's not screaming, spitting up or pooping) and yes it's fun to discover life with your new addition (when you're not also discovering your body post-pregnancy) and his poop isn't THAT stinky (it's just all over you and those 10 diapers a day) and sure he's precious when he's awake (even if all he does is STARE, and not necessarily at you) but the exhaustion of sleep deprivation makes you see it all through foggy glasses. 

Now that he sleeps on a predictable schedule, smiles, laughs, and is not constantly cross-eyed I am enjoying the slow return of my sanity after diving into motherhood.   Watching Eli progress day after day is the great joy of my life.

Back to work
I had mixed feeling when I learned that my property management job was willing to let me come back part time.  Turns out it's a sweet gig- working makes me appreciate the time I have at home and being at home makes me appreciate time at work.  Sometimes being completely strapped for cash is a blessing in disguise.

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