Thursday, February 2, 2017

Christmas, According to Eli (vol. 2)

Once again, Eli will be captioning this year's Christmas pictures for your reading pleasure:

Smith's Pharmacy Christmas Party: "Party with all of Daddy's work friends.  We had M&Ms and played a lot."

Preschool Christmas Party (siblings were invited): "We made num-nums and cookies and played 'Santa Says.'  Everyone got some drawing books and pencils!"

-------We were lucky to spend Christmas in Utah this year.  The only trade-off was complete chaos and some tired, over-stimulated kids (and parents).  We loved it.-----

Christmas Morning: "Me right there!  Next to Austin.  We had to wait to see what Santa brought.  He brought Christmas presents."

"Santa brought me lots and lots of play doh!  And lego ninjas."  
[Were you excited Eli?] 
"Uh huh."

"Daddy is opening his stocking."
[What did Daddy get?]
"Uh... a watch.  And a blue car and a white car." 

"I got a star in my stocking!"

"Mommy was really happy because she got sooooo many presents."

[What's Porter doing?]
"Playing with the duck.  He did that a lot" (understatement).

Christmas Evening at the Judkins: "We watched Aunt Channel.  We talked to her."
[Did you get presents?]
"My shark!  And books! And we watched a show."
(Marsha made all the grandsons shark blankets (pictured below).  It was and is still very popular.)

On our way out of town we got to visit another Christmas present, courtesy of Hans and Laura: our new nephew Grant!  He's pretty much adorable.

"Mckenna's new baby!"

Happy Christmas (a month ago) from all of us to you!

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