Thursday, February 2, 2017

Toodles 2016!

The last few days of 2016 were pretty dang awesome.  Zach was off work, the kids were finally sleeping again after our Christmas marathon in Utah, and we had literally POUNDS of chocolate left from our stockings.  In case you were wondering, I still have 5 chocolate orange segments left.  Self Control Master, right here.

To honor the annual Haight Sledding Party we held our own sledding fiesta with some friends.  We weren't sure how into it the kids would be, but it turns out that once they had a taste Zach and I were in for hours of back-breaking sledding.  Seriously, towing those chunks up the hill is no joke.

I can not get over Porter in his snow suit.  It's slightly too big and baggy in the rear end, making it extremely entertaining to watch him waddle around.  The "Oompa Loompa" song automatically starts in my head every time I see him in it.

We spent New Years with Eli's girlfriend in Twin Falls, Idaho.  It was so fun to reunite Eli and Gwen, and when we finally got them to sleep, it was so fun to hang out with some grown-ups.  Carson and I kicked trash at Dominion and Settlers!

On New Years Day we tried to get the kids to celebrate with sparklers since they missed the fireworks the night before, but only Gwen was brave enough to hold them.  Oh well, at least the adults had fun.

The kids spent the whole visit alternating between playing together like a dream and screaming, often in the same minute. These pictures are taken only 3 seconds apart.

On the drive home we made our New Years resolutions, and for accountability's sake, we will post some of them here:

- Learn how to jump (he's so close!)
- Graduate from the high chair
- Start potty training
- No bottles by August

- Learn to write all letters and numbers
- Count to 100
- Start piano lessons
- Learn to tie shoes and get dressed by himself
- Put head underwater at swimming lessons

- Complete Run the Year
- PR half marathon
- Complete Spanish work book
- Do not buy more fabric until all other projects are done
- Index once a month
- Catch up photobooks (dream big, right?)

- Complete Run the Year
- Run at least one marathon
- Bench 315 lbs
- Reach Spanish 200 level
-Get Eli to forget the Troll's movie songs by the end of 2017.

Wish us luck!

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