Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A week in Provo Paradise

After nearly two years, we often comment that Elko is actually pretty nice, and we don't mind living here at all.  We like our house, our yard, our ward, and we have nice neighbors and friends.  Aside from Zach's CRAZY work schedule, its a piece of cake.

BUT.  Then we go to Utah to visit our family and we are immediately aware of all the things we're missing out on in Elko: food, family, friends, more food, cool places to take the kids/adults, reliable internet, actual scenery, and shopping opportunities to name a few.  (Sigh)  So, when we were invited to attend my mom's graduation in Provo we jumped at the chance, even if it was on the tail-end of a very long, wild trip to New Mexico.

Zach and I had been wanting to take Eli on a "date" to his first movie for awhile, and this was our chance.  He loved the theater experience, and then cruising the mall afterwards.
There was a genius kiosk in the mall selling rides on go-kart-ish zoo animals, and it was a huge hit.  Not super fast, but very fun!

After our date, Zach had to head back to Elko to start what has been 3 weeks and counting of straight work.  Everyday.  The kids and I were happy to stay at Grandma's for just a few more days before heading back into the war zone.  Porter, as you can see below, had no problems kicking Zach out.
The day after Zach left the kids and I were once again at the mall, and Eli was seriously enjoying his job as the Porter chauffer.  Sadly, he had not quite mastered the vehicle, and once the stroller was empty his strength and speed were too much for the wheels and Eli ended up face-planting on the tile floor.

This unhappy (and somewhat bloody) incident resulted in Baby's First Stitches.  It was rough, but he took it like a champ.  A terrified (understandably), screaming-at-the-top-of-his-lungs champ.

Once the procedure was over he thought he was HOT STUFF with his stitches, and loved showing them to everyone while relating his tragic tale.

The pictures below portray my very favorite reason for coming to Provo: hanging out with our family.  I love watching everyone love my kids, and watching my kids build relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It's simply the best, and it's what we miss the most when we're gone.

At the end of our stay we had the graduation hoopla, where my mom graduated (again) with her (second) Master's degree from BYU.  I am so proud of her and the work that she has put into her education and career!  It was fun to watch my Dad award her the diploma, and witness the cheesy kiss they had while he did so. 

After all the fun and games it was still good to come home to Elko, but we are always looking forward to our next trip to paradise.
You stay classy, Provo.

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