Monday, May 2, 2016

Eastering 2016

Nurturing the blob of the a baby that Eli was is finally starting to pay off.  Don't get me wrong, I love my babies, but this toddler thing is so much more interactive and fun!  All the things you picture when you idealize your child's life can now happen.  Especially holidays.  In this case, Easter.

Eli loved getting ready for Easter- dyeing eggs, picking out his basket, and learning the story behind why we celebrate this particular holiday.  When I proudly told him to tell Daddy the story I taught him, I learned that something was lost in translation: Eli's version involved Jesus and his disciples hiding in the bushes from the leopards. Wha?

Easter morning was fun for everyone, with candy to spare, until....

...until the Evil Mother tried to squeeze her wailing younglings into adorable matching Easter outfits and somehow get them to smile at the same time.  I didn't even make them wear the ties and it still didn't really work. 

After church we had our neighbors over for the traditional bunny cake (I can not emphasize enough that cake decorating is not my thing- I know, I know.  It looks like some bizarre long-eared mouse) and egg hunt.

The kids were in a wild frenzy while they waited for their somewhat disorganized Easter Bunny to hop on back down the street after leaving eggs in our yard.  Luckily for everyone involved, Eli has calmed down since last year and there was less carnage during the hunt. We made it through the whole thing without any tears.

The Easter Bunny brought Eli a Batman kite in his basket and it was a pretty popular entertainment item.  Zach did a marvelous job flying it, considering it was his first time.  I believe it only nose-dived twice.

I appreciated the #Hallelujah video that our church put out this year, and was grateful for the reminder as I spent the day with my forever family.  He lives!

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  1. Thank you for posting!!! I love you and your wonderful boys (all three of them)!! I would love to hear Eli's story of Easter--it sounds very exciting! The photos of Eli and Porter in their Easter suits are beyond darling!!!