Tuesday, May 3, 2016

DTR: A Girlfriend Update

Eli was going steady with one Miss Gwendolyn all last summer, but tragedy struck when Gwen's family relocated to Idaho just after Porter was born, a whole four hours away.  They tried to keep their relationship alive by mailing drawings attached to (rather incoherent) letters, but it just wasn't enough.  Eli decided he MUST make the trip up to Boise to see her, parents and new wing-man in tow.

Upon his arrival, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that their relationship had, if anything, blossomed into something even better than before, with less immature spats about who had what toy and more collaboration in drawing on tables and waking up at insanely early hours.  Eli splurged (or least somebody splurged) on a date to the Boise Zoo, where they enjoyed approximately 20 minutes of looking at animals before moving on to climbing on every possible surface.


 Meanwhile, Porter and Gwen's new little brother Freddie, became fast friends in the way only totally disinterested babies can.  Their relationship is pretty chill.


After only a few days at her house, it was heart-breaking to leave his Lady Love, but Eli saw Gwen again just a few weeks later for her birthday.  After the party they once again parted with hugs and kisses and declarations of love.

Eli remains true, talks of her constantly, and makes her pretend cakes all over the house.  BUT, rumor has it Gwen has moved on to a kid with wheels...

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